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Every business should have an online presence, however there are lots of things to consider when you are looking for a new website.


Web accessibility, sometimes referred to as 'A11y', is becoming more and more important. Businesses are mandated to make sure their shops and offices are accessible to all including those relying on wheelchairs - and your website and other digital offerings should be accessible to all, including those relying on visual aids like screen readers.

Technical SEO

You've probably heard of companies offering you SEO services. These will usually include techniques to drive additional traffic to your website, and techniques to make sure your website tags and content are understood by search engines. But technical SEO is also important, which makes sure your website's performance is of the highest quality. Using tools such as the Google's PageSpeed Insights, we will aim to score high by adopting techniques we've developed over many years (our website scores 100% as do most of our client's sites).

Mobile-first Development

Many websites are built to look and perform to the best they can on desktops. This often this means that the website doesn't perform well on mobile devices. High percentages of clients are now transitioning to use on mobile devices. Making sure your website performs on mobile devices will help with page load speeds, and help keep the interest of your visitors to convert and gain those sales.


Is your core business selling your products to your clients? You may have a shop where you sell your products, or you might sell through distribution networks, for instance within high street shops. Why not sell your products direct to the consumer on your website too?

User-access Controlled areas

Is your business offering services to your membership and/or customer base? What if you had a user-access controlled area on your website where you customers can log in to see their previous purchases? Or what if you had a user-access controlled area on your website that allowed your members to download member only documents or update their membership preferences?

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Would you like to be able to update your website copy yourself after the website has been launched? Most websites will now allow you to make changes, without the need to understand or write any code. Some web designers will build websites on their preferred platforms - sometimes those platforms may not be the right choice. Have you found your current website was built on a platform you find difficult to use, or causes problems for your customers? We can switch your current website to our bespoke platform which puts you in control of how your website works.

related/useful services

Here are some of our services that may be useful for your new website.

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