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Mobile App Development Services from Joist

Are you thinking of building an App to put your brand in the palm of your customer's hands? We could help you out.

App design

There are lots of mobile apps out there in the world, how do you make your app stand out from the crowd? We can work with you to plan your App to make sure it performs well on multiple devices and helps your customers access your services easily.

Mobile Operating Systems

There are a few different mobile phone operating systems available. Once there were many more, but in recent years thes have been reduced down to a handful and the most used OSs are Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Each OS works differently and will impose some restrictions on your Apps, but we can help you with that.

Native Apps

Native Apps are installed directly onto your device and will have access to lower level hardware on your device. These are often best used where your app doesn't need live internet access. You'll have to submit native apps to the operating system owners before it can be available in their app stores for download.


Web-Apps are built the same way as websites and are accessible for any smart device. Web-Apps can be installed on mobile devices and accessed in the same way as native apps. These are often best used where your app needs live internet access, perhaps for up-to-date information to give to your customers. Web-Apps are often cheaper to build and maintain than Native Apps, as they don't need to be re-submitted to the OS providers for review.

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